Mary Dullea (pianist, Fidelio Trio)

What a birthday to be celebrating here in London and here's to the next 65 years too!

I have had the privilege of working with ACF London as curator of that most unique of festivals, 'Soundings' from 2008 to 2016. And prior to that came the close friendship with Andrea Rauter, a name synonymous with the artistic presence of ACF London in the UK. 'Soundings' brought UK-based and Austrian composers and performers together annually for a week of more than concerts - we had rehearsals, conversations, presentations and roundtable discussions with notable members of the UK music scene. Formed within these four walls were life-long collaborations, exchanges and new works as well as installations and films. It really was a unique period with an ongoing impact on composers' and performers' lives and interactions. 'Soundings' also extended to major projects at Royal College of Music with chamber music programmes and new music.

As well as 'Soundings' I have had many wonderful performance experiences at ACF London, particularly with Fidelio Trio, with CD launches and concerts as well as attending book launches, talks and always leave feeling invigorated by the people who work in and frequent events at ACF London. Thank you to the Directors and staff that I have worked with over the years and happy celebrations!