Tünde Huber (Director 2017-2020)

My time at the ACF London was an emotional journey full of precious moments. I have the fondest memories of many evenings and it is therefore difficult to choose just one. All events – classical recitals or contemporary concerts, readings, book presentations and exhibition openings – were very special in their own way. Some were touching because they revealed a very personal, intimate side of an artist; others because the artists or the presented works had an unexpected impact on the audience. It was at many of these events where I had the privilege to experience the huge emotional impact of arts on us human beings. I also remember gratefully the wonderful team spirit shared with my colleagues, the hard work and the joy of a successful outcome. I am also proud that we managed to present the first edition of the Austrian Film Festival watchAUT, a project I would like to single out as it was definitely a labour of love. I think very often of the ACF London and even my 3-year-old daughter misses ‘her’ office in London. I would like to wish the ACF Team and you, the friends of the ACF, a lot of energy to overcome this difficult period and I hope that you will soon be able to gather again at the beautiful salon of the ACF London!

Tuende and Erich Sanders.jpg

Tünde Huber and Eric Sanders