Waltraud Dennhardt-Herzog (ACF Director)

This month the ACF London celebrates 65 years of creativity, exchange, collaboration and cultural partnerships. Interestingly, the diplomatic archives refer to various opening dates. David Schriffl, Head of the Historical Desk in the Ministry for European and International Affairs, has generously written an article exploring the Cultural Forum’s opening and history which you can also read (in German). We would like to take this time to reflect on the events, people and projects that have made this space so special over the years and to celebrate the many more to come.

This month Austria also commemorates 80 years since the beginning of the deportations forcing many of the country’s cultural and artistic elite to flee. We would like to take this opportunity to honour the large Austrian and Jewish survivor and emigre community in London who not only established numerous cultural societies and institutes but were also central to making the Austrian Cultural Forum London what it is today.

As the current Covid situation makes a traditional celebration impossible we are taking our festivities online with this digital guest book.

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the arts and challenged us all in our daily lives, relationships and health. We hope that this virtual celebration will lift spirits and highlight our commitment to our audiences and artists in all fields as we rebuild and strengthen this industry going forward.

Thank you all for your support and interest. We look forward to an exciting in-house celebration and programme when the time allows.