Darragh Morgan, Violinist, Fidelio Trio

When Mary & I were invited to contribute to ACF at 65 I wasn’t sure where to start! Our relationship goes back to 2005 when Andrea Rauter was first introduced to us by our close friend composer Joe Cutler (I had already known Andrea's mother from the early 1990's and the wonderful Glenilla Arts Foundation). My wife, pianist Mary Dullea later with Andrea became curator of the superb Soundings series for many seasons at the ACF. As musicians we have performed at so many special creative events in the intimate salon space - including composer workshops, album launches, lectures, talks and most importantly World Premieres. With the Fidelio Trio we have formed life long artistic associations facilitated through the ACF, with composers including Johannes Maria Staud, Gerhard Kramer, Gerald Resch, Claudia Molitor, Robert Fokkens and Ed Bennett. With Peter Mikl and Elisabeth Koegler as ACF London Directors we had particularly fruitful periods of creative collaborations. ACF have been incredibly supportive of our work including facilitating offsite performances we have given at Wigmore Hall, Die Alte Schmeide Wien, Palazzo Albrizzi Venice and at the ACF in New York. We are so lucky to have this wonderful organisation as friends and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their essential contribution to the arts!

To the next 65 years !